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to Web Converters, the Internet Services Unit at Complete Business Services. We provide a series of services that will enhance your on-line presence.

To better reach and be understood by a world-wide audience, you need a bilingual or multilingual Web site. Having more than a billion speakers, Chinese is the world's most popular language. Our C.E. Converter provides translation services from Chinese to English and from English to Chinese. We translate documents in various subject areas and formats -- including web pages, of course..

Go ahead and do it. Put yourself and your company on the Web, reaching viewers/customers from all over the world. Due to workload, we currently are not offering web enhancement service. But our Coaching Service maybe right for you -- we would show you how to take advantages of the tools and services on the Web, many of them FREE. We even have a partnering structure to further reduce your cost. For details, contact us today!


Dedicated to excellence in internet services, we look forward to assisting you!

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