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Erik provides IT consulting. Rate starts at $120/hour.

One of Erik's goals is to facilitate the implementation of Google Apps for business owners, especially for tax practices, for which Erik has been working for many years. Google Apps is a wonderful suite of online applications that will add power and efficiency to your business. And the best part is, the "Standard Edition" is FREE! For most small businesses, the Standard Edition is really all that they need. Why are you not taking advantage of it yet?

Of course, you need more information. Here are some useful links for you to get educated:

Google Apps main page

Feature comparison of different editions

Tutorial for Google Calendar, one of the essential most powerful Google Apps. Small businesses finally have an alternative to the complicated Exchange Server to share calendars and coordinate appointments.

Consulting Service provided by another firm (pricing $999 and up.) This is just for your reference. Google Apps are very "scalable."

As I mentioned, Google Apps are very scalable. Small business owners may even be able to do most parts of the implementation on their own. That's why I don't have a set "package" for you. Go ahead and sign up for Google Apps if you want. Depending on your technical experience, we can help you with parts that are troublesome for you -- much like some people do their own taxes, but others rely on experienced tax practitioners. Not only it saves you time, you may get better results as well!

If you need custom GMail, we recommend that you use our domain related services. There are additional charges for domain registration and hosting service.


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